NICHOLS Creative Development

NICHOLS Creative Development is a real estate services firm, providing advice and consultation to three primary client groups:
•    State, County and Municipal Real Estate and Land Use Regulatory Agencies, including: planning, zoning, development approval, and related agencies; as well as housing, neighborhood revitalization, and community development governmental units;
•    Private and Publicly-Held Real Estate Development Partnerships, Corporations, and Organizations; and
•    Institutions requiring strategic real estate planning, development, facilities management and operations advice and solutions, including: public, private, for-profit, not-for-profit, and nonprofit corporations and businesses.

NICHOLS also invests in real estate ventures, independently and in partnership with experienced real estate development organizations.

NICHOLS Creative Development was born out of 35 years of finding practical solutions to conflicting issues where seemingly little common ground exists. At its core, NICHOLS embraces the philosophy that private investment must be “for the public good”, and that good public policy should “inspire and enable” quality private investment. NICHOLS intentionally taps into the inevitable tension created when trying to satisfy the public interest and incent the private risk taker, fostering creative solutions that exceed the expectations of both the Public and Private sectors.